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BEYOND THE STORM is a book written for anyone who wants to effectively manage the storms they face in life and triumph over them. It is also a helpful guide to those who want to take full control of their career; rising from the bottom to the very top. The author and several others have applied the principles highlighted in the book to obtain victory in their lives.
In the introduction, the author lists several storms people face. He says sometimes we have experiences in life that could best be described as “Storms of Life”, considering the turbulence that comes with them. These have no respect for one’s tribe, colour, age, societal status, level of education or intelligence, wealth, or even one’s commitment and believe in God. In fact, he says, storms are inevitable in human existence, quoting John 16:33; Job 14:1; Psalms 9:9 and Isaiah 43:2 to buttress his point.
However, the book advises that as children of God, we should look beyond the storm and see that ALL WILL BE WELL (Isaiah 3:10; Jeremiah 29:11). It then stresses that it is important we note that every storm has the capacity of leaving us better off or worse off than they met us, depending on what we do with them.
In his opinion, the writer says if not for storms, we may not see the need to fly: without Goliath, David might be a “nobody” but just an insignificant shepherd boy, moving around with sheep in the bush, far away from the throne. He says it is not all storms that are permitted by God, though, as some come from the enemy. Hence, wisdom requires that at such times we should seek wisdom from God to know which is which, before we start binding and casting.
But what exactly could the storm be? Eric T. Akuranya, the author of the book lists them to include marital crises, impossible or unruly children, joblessness, sickness, delayed marriage, barrenness or giving birth to only a given sex, poverty, affliction, bereavement, failure and disappointment, amongst others.
Mr. Akuranya enjoins people to know vividly who they are, when facing any storms, using the mirror of the Word of God. Saying that they were created overcomer and leader (1 John5:4; Deut. 28:13); that it is God’s will that they should marry young (Prov. 5:18); that joblessness is an anomaly (John 9:4; 2 Thess. 3:10); and that good health is their heritage (Exodus 23:25); among many other promises.
The author enjoins us to also ascertain our current position in respect of our emotions, intellect, relationships, health, and finances, when experiencing any storm as this will help us in knowing what we should do and what we shouldn’t; having in mind that the choices we made yesterday are the result of who we are today, and the choices we are making today will determine who we will be tomorrow.
Another thing people experiencing storms ought to do, the book records, is determine where they are going. Adding that if you don’t know where you are going, you will not know when you get there. Emphasizing that you should know your ultimate goal since this will enable you know which “hills” to climb in order to see the “mountains”. It states that there are little opportunities which if taken advantage of, you will be able to get the bigger ones you desire (Gen. 40:6-7; 41:1, 25).
Then we should take responsibility of our lives. This is yet another principle highlighted by the book. It says we should stop blaming others and do it ourselves. We should look inwards and determine to raise the “lid” limiting us from achieving great feats. The author quips that networking with others who have the information we need may also prove very helpful during storms. He warns that we should never keep silence, since dead men tell no tale. Then he submits, “Where there is nothing to lose; there is nothing to fear.”
Nevertheless, the writer recognizes the potency of the Almighty as he advises people to explore all lawful avenues even as they partner with the Trinity.
On giving one’s career a boost, the author carefully dishes out proven steps to follow in order to rise from the bottom to the very top of one’s career. He consulted with professionals in diverse fields to arrive at this conclusion.
This, indeed, is a masterpiece from Eric T. Akuranya that everyone who wants to achieve his career goal of reaching the top as well as triumph over any storms of life should read. The book is set out in chapters. Well proof-read and formatted text, sandwiched with related graphics all through the book. Its cover page is the handiwork of a skilled graphics designer.
“You will need it as one of your reference books.” – Onmonya Michael Onmonya. (President, SASUE PARTNERS INTERNATIONAL)